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Stewardship Ministry

Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.
1Corinthians 4:2
We function as leading servants with the people of GOD. Elders treasure deacons deaconess clerk stewardship leader  safety officer religious liberty building committee ,meet with the pastor to pray plan practice and develop presentation that fortify the disciples. The stewardship ministry manages church operations. Minister Alex Horton is the leading servant for the stewardship ministry.

In Reach Ministry


Hello, I am Karen Jenkins, In Reach Ministry Director at Longview Heights SDA Church.


I am blessed to work with a group of dedicated, spiritual, motivated and dynamic departmental leaders.  Our goal in conjunction with the Mission Driven strategy is to engage every member with In Reach activities in preparation for outreach efforts and initiatives.  Each ministry is planning their activities with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to engage members and to ensure each activity is Christ centered and focused as we look forward to the Lord’s Second Coming. 


Now that we are in the Third Quarter of 2018, we are expanding our focus on 2019.  The departmental ministries will Reflect, Revive, Retain, and Reform by planning and encouraging our church family to be involved with one or more of the ministry programs at LVH. 



We want you to have every opportunity to participate and enjoy what the Lord has planned through In Reach Ministries.  I/We encourage you to contact any ministry leader and please get involved, participate and attend the various planned programs.   Please pass the word along so members who may not be aware of upcoming events and programs can also be informed.  Let’s share and spread the word!!  Thank you, Sis. Karen Jenkins, In Reach Ministry Leader


Couples Ministry - Qu’ran and Charlie Folsom Jr.  &  Shannon and Michael Kirkwood

To support Christian marriage as an institution and to promote family values based upon God’s teaching and principles.  One of the cements that hold couples together is a joint commitment to God, common values and activities. Please join the Couples Ministry as they prepare for the Marriage Retreat, Couples Night Out, and other activities.


Family Life Ministry – Sandra and Rickey Johnson & Tammy and Terry Sims

Families are so important in our church today.  It does not matter if you are one person or a large family; you are a member of God’s family and the church. Taking care of our family should be a priority over everything else – except over God Himself. The strength of the church is based in the holistic and healthy life of its members and families. Family Life Ministry involves all members…come and enjoy our Family Life Ministry Day…you will not be disappointed!!


Financial Literacy Ministry – Dr. Barry Colley

The goal is to help us become faithful stewards in our personal and spiritual lives. This ministry serves as a resource to assist members with personal budgeting. Come and participate in the financial seminars, programs and activities and learn how God wants us to be prosperous and blessed.


Home and School –

To work toward the goal of enrolling every child of the church in the church school.


Men’s Ministry – Deacon Damien Roberts, Sr.

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”  Proverbs 27: 17

In today’s world, the churches that are strong and growing are those that are teaching our men.  “The mission of the LVH Men’s Ministry is to form a collective body of men and young men who desire, to be tools in the hands of Jesus, The Carpenter, and to surrender ourselves to God’s leadership, while we stoop and build or rebuild men and young men to the model that God would intend for us to be.” Please join the Men in Prayer every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. by dialing the Men’s Prayer Line at 605-472-5421, Access Code 878933#.  There are also other activities you may enjoy such as: Feeding the homeless and cancer patients at the Hope House, our annual Men’s Retreat and the list goes on.  



New Member’s Orientation – Audra and Reginald Owens

This ministry focus is for our newly baptized members as they acclimate into Longview Heights, but also as Seventh - day Adventists. Each new member has a spiritual guardian to help provide guidance and serve as a resource liaison as they navigate on their spiritual journey. If you are looking for a church home and you want a place to feel loved from the first day, the New Member’s Orientation starts you off in a warm and loving orientation.




Prayer Ministry – Sis. Sandra Johnson 

“Prayer is the key in the hand of faith that unlocks heaven’s storehouse.”  We are so blessed to have a woman of God leading our Prayer Ministry – Sis. Sandra Johnson. Please remember to join the Prayer Line every morning at 5:30 a. m. Monday – Friday. The End Time Prayer Line is available by dialing 712-775-7300, ACCESS CODE: 1062901#.  Also, our Prayer team loves our young people too. Young people are encouraged to participate on their prayer line on the Prayer Line using the dial in number on Sundays and Thursdays.   Also, we have the annual Children’s Prayer Summit in the fall and your children will come away feeling spiritually learned and refreshed.



Sabbath School – Elder Michael Jenkins

If you have not attended Sabbath School, you are missing a blessing. This is an opportunity for you to participate in the lesson study by exchanging your thoughts with other members or guests in the class. The Sabbath School is a Bible based study which nurtures spiritual growth in members and visitors who join in this time of study, fellowship, and outreach.  We have classes designed for all levels starting with our lower division through adults.  Parents please bring your children to Sabbath School. We have dynamic teachers who love the Lord and love to teach and enhance your children’s love for the Lord. Sabbath School starts at 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.



Senior Ministry – Sis. Willie Faye Copeland

Our Senior Ministry is for those individuals who are 62 and older who like to gather to encourage each other in Christian fellowship, indoor and outdoor activities, and lunch at Alma Jean’s in Senatobia, MS. Other activities include:  visiting Noah’s Ark in Kentucky along with Community Guest speakers providing the latest in Senior Resources.  Lastly, we welcome you to attend the Mid-Day Prayer service on Wednesday at 12:00 noon. 



Singles Ministry – Sis. Moriah Brown

Single adults are people without spouses. This includes the divorced, never married, widow, and widower and also single parents. The singles ministry offers many opportunities for people to grow and connect with others through social activities by equipping them for service and to share their faith.  This also empowers singles to use their spiritual gifts and talents, to be engaged in Christ-centered fellowship, and impact others for the Lord through service and outreach activities.



Women’s Ministry – Sis. Delicia Jenkins-Roberts

The Longview Heights Women’s Ministry works to address the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs of women, enhancing their potential for more effective roles in their families, churches, professions and communities.
Our values and objectives are to:
• Provide opportunities for women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal.
• Elevate women as persons of worth.
• Address the concerns of each woman, single or married, that she may be enabled to reach her full potential.
• Provide a network among women within the local church that encourages friendship, nurturing, and mutual support.
• Mentor young women, teens, and girls.
• Challenge each woman to use her talents and spiritual gifts for the glory of God in the home, church, and community.
• Promote opportunities for wider service for women.

The strength of the church is based on the spiritual and social life of its members. If you like to attend Longview Heights SDA Church and participate with any of these ministries, please contact any Department Leader, the In Reach Director or our church secretary at 901-774-5431. We look forward to serving you in the name of our Lord and Savior at The View!